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BOOZE & BALOONS - Solihull aces on nightclub binge

Author: Awad Jenkins, 07/04/20

Hench and Co boozing

Dr Hench and Jermaine Da force were amongst some of the players filmed having a wild night hours ahead of yesterdays fixture with Blues

Solihull players including Dr hench were pictured having a wild night celebrating their opening fixture hours before their game with Blues. The match ended as flat 0-0 draw with most players giving a below expectation performance.

New Footage showing players were seen enjoying themselves, with hench posing for a photo whilst being massaged but what sources say was an escort. Some footage appears to show DaForce holding balloons said to contain nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.

A source told us: "Dr Hench was buying a lot of drinks and a box of canisters was passed out in and the players were blowing up balloons and inhaling. It got pretty wild ... It was incredible to see so-called athletes and role models taking risks with a dangerous substance".

The pair were later seen with Wonder attempting to enter a members only party on Park Lane. Da Force and Hench known for their troublesome past have taken Wonder under the wing - a clear receipt for disaster. 

Solihull boss Zidane is clearly rattled with this issue but insists this will be handled, "This is definitely the biggest challenge I've ever faced as a captain .. keeping the lads in doors, well be handling this internally and they will be disciplined accordingly".


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